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  1. 1. We are working out the concept design

    for the object's lighting on the basis of which we will make the lighting designing afterwards and choose the necessary lighting units and light sources.

    The conception shall be worked out jointly or taking into consideration all the customer's (architect's) wishes. The conception worked out shall be presented to the client by graphic images that enables to adjust in advance the lighting stylistics and provides for the greatest convenience for the further work on the design.

  2. 2.We are modeling the object

    with the help of the specialized software.

    Our 3D-designer shall create the object's three-dimensional image on the basis of drawings, illustrations, detailed descriptions or any other graphic information. In the special program it is possible to view the model from every angle (from above, from below, from any side), built it in any plane and into any environment. You shall acknowledge that 3D-modelling process is a rather difficult and laborious task requiring much work and time consumption. In general we use three-dimensional models for the purposes of demonstration when it is necessary to show visually what the final variant is.

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  3. 3. We are developing the design of lighting technology

    including the scope of work in connection with the estimation of artificial lighting, daylight illumination and their combination.

    The main goal of lighting design is the determination by means of calculation making the necessary quantity of lighting units or daylight illumination to ensure the standard quantitative and qualitative lighting characteristics. The most common characteristic is the horizontal lighting of the working area (Eglk) and in case of daylight illumination - natural illumination factor (KEO).

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  4. 4. We are developing the design for electricity.

    It often happens that due to the failure to coordinate the actions of subcontracting organizations the general lighting conception can be broken. In this case the benefits of lighting technology provided by the qualitative and expensive lightning facilities can be brought to nought and the goals of lighting designing will simply be not achieved. We will perform our work to no purpose and you'll not receive the expected outcome.

    That is why when you apply to our company because of the lighting matters, you can receive the complete set of services including the design for electricity.

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  5. 5. We are performing the equipment installation on the object and adjustment works.

    The installation works shall be performed in strict accordance with the ratified design, estimate and the schedule for works performing and shall include:

    • the necessary removal of the old equipment
    • the assembly and installation of the distributing board and lighting control boards
    • power line laying
    • socket network laying
    • light line laying
    • wiring facilities installation
    • lighting units installation

    The adjustment works accompanying any installation works consist of the scope of works including the equipment checking, adjustment and testing in order to ensure the design parameters and include:

    • testing start of the whole system
    • lighting equipment adjustment
    • object's handover to the customer

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