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Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands is the international company working in the industry of «health and well-being» and aimed to the improvement of quality of life of people by constant introduction of innovations. Being the world leader in the field of light decisions, public health services, and consumer goods, Philips in its technological and design decisions is guided by people. The requirements of consumers and a principle "reasonably and simply" are the main workings out of the company.

Headquarters of Philips is in the Netherlands, 116 000 employees work in representative offices more than in 60 countries of the world. The sales volume in 2009 was 23 milliards euro. The company takes the leading position in the field of power effective lighting and innovative systems of illumination.

Being the world leader in the market of light engineering, the company conducts the constant search of the new power effective light decisions.

The systems of electric illumination take 19 % of all volume of the electric power in the world, that’s why the usage of power effective light decisions promotes the considerable economy of the general power consumption and reduction of harmful emissions of carbonic gas in atmosphere.

Philips Company offers the advanced power effective workings out for all the segments of the market: fixtures for house use, illumination of roads, manufacturing enterprises, offices. By the way, more than 75 % of office illumination in Europe consists of ineffective and out-of-date systems which don't fit the modern standards of EU. The technology of management of the illumination, allowing to minimize power inputs, is used only on 1 % of all office areas. Decisions of Philips allow reducing the fatal influence to the environment, to improve the quality of illumination and to lower the costs.

Philips Company offers the advanced power effective workings out for all the segments of the market: illumination of roads, offices, manufacturing enterprises, fixtures for house use. Company Philips is the leader in working out of technologies of the future, such as light-emitting diode systems of illumination which, at the same time solve the question of power efficiency, have the conclusive advantage and a great amount of essentially new technical possibilities of existing technologies. Philips’s "Light decisions" sector (Philips Lighting) has 35 000 employees all over the world.



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