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”OMS” is one of the largest producers of lighting technology in Central and Eastern Europe. The best organized factory plant is situated not far from the Slovak capital.

”OMS” in numbers:

  • Established: in 1995
  • Number of Employees: 825
  • Total surface area of the production facility 80 000 m2

The philosophy of the company is to maintain the development as modern company not only according to the current trends, but also being their active creator in terms of design, technology, as well as in terms of giving utmost consideration and responsibility to the environment.

OMS LIGHTING puts an emphasis on maximum satisfaction of the customers and flexible adaptation to their needs and expectations.

The reasons we are collaborating with OMS LIGHTING are:

  • The assortment of products includes interior and exterior light fixtures for commercial, Industrial and architectural uses. Traditional light sources are being replaced by LED modules, which represent the future of light sources.
  • Operative flexibility - human resources are available instantly – orders are completed by more than 800 employees in administrative and production areas. 25 specialists are focused exclusively on LED technologies; there are 50 highly qualified members of the R&D team.
  • Flexibility in small and large amounts – the innovative technological equipment enabling to change of production rates without downtime and quantitative limitations allows to complete the orders using the FIFO method.
  • Customer’s solutions influence to the sizes and parameters of the light fixtures from small design changes and special changes of the construction to make quite new product.
  • The ability to realize innovations in the field of quality, design, process of production (automation, robotics) and supporting of the development of R&D (photometry, laboratories, software solutions).
  • The company follows the new tendencies to energy-saving, protection of the environment, using daylight, etc.

”OMS” is the member of “ZHAGA”. ZHAGA is a great union of industrial enterprises and companies dealing with the development of specifications and using interfaces of LED. ZHAGA allows to realize the satisfaction of the requirements of different manufacturers and works out such physical parameters as photometric, electrical and thermal properties of the LED light sources.


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