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Since the very beginning of its business activity LUG Company has taken a set path of development, realizing the policy directed at the increasing of production of lighting equipment, strengthening the leading position on the illumination market and extension of business relations. Then LUG Company has gained new clients and expanded the area of activity in Poland and in foreign markets.

Nowadays LUG Company is one of the biggest industrial and decorative frame manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. The company’s offer is a wide range of exterior frames for building illumination, lighting gas stations, streets or parking lots. The interior frames have an application in commercial halls, offices, shopping arcades and markets. All frames comply with the requirements of the European Union market and satisfy the wishes of the users, combining attractive, modern design with functionality and extraordinary illumination parameters. LUG Company is well known in the markets of Western Europe, Scandinavia and Middle East.

LUG constantly expands the knowledge and competence in order to meet the Clients’ requirements in a professional manner. It has got modern technologies in the sphere of elaboration and production of lighting units.

The everyday aims which the company considers to be of top priority are:

  • Client orientation,
  • Improvement of quality and elimination of discrepancies,
  • Consistency of aims motivating to improving product quality,
  • Quality in accordance with standards and specifications,
  • Continuous company development on every structural level,
  • Raising the effectiveness of the organization.

LUG Company realizes its aims by:

  • Focusing attention on clients’ expectations and needs
  • Investments in latest technologies
  • Stimulation of employee development
  • Introducing modern marketing solutions
  • Control over internal processes in order to identify and eliminate errors
  • Rational decisions supported by thorough information and analysis.

The technical infrastructure, acquired knowledge and strong motivation are the main factors which allow LUG Company to quickly recognize and react to the clients’ needs by expanding its product range of lighting solutions.



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