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Castaldi Lighting s.r.l


More than 70 years ago, in 1938, an Italian engineer, lighting designer Enrico Castaldi founded a factory for the production of technical fixtures and called it by his name: Castaldi Lighting. From the very beginning the factory was specializing in technical luminaires, following all the requirements of the lighting market, and finally shifted to the production of architectural lighting. Due to the fact that Mr. Castaldi was just an engineer, a factory had and is having now a strong design and technical department. From the 80s , the factory began to participate in professional and international exhibitions and many lamps by Castaldi Lighting were awarded prizes for innovative technology and design, a lot of them were selected for permanent displays in several museums of design in Europe and America. Now, as always, the factory is committed to create lamps that do not affect for its ultra-modern design, but which fit into any landscape or urban development. The Company creates lamps, which can be applied in all circumstances, and which do not distract our attention from the illuminated object.

Castaldi Lighting is one of three Italian leaders in the field of architectural lighting. It’s possible because of the young, but experienced managers of the factory. It was decided to abandon the full cycle of production fixtures: the production of frames and parts of lightings is placed in the Italian and European factories, but the main fixtures production is in a factory of Castaldi. Just there all the lighting production pass the required tests for dust and moisture protection, vandalism, and temperature resistance.

Castaldi Lighting's product line consists of:

  • directed searchlights and floodlighting
  • underwater lights
  • recessed into the ground / wall / ceiling lights
  • Wall street lights
  • Ballard
  • lights on poles
  • lights that indicate high buildings
  • interior lighting
Professional architectural light